Luke 19:28…

Luke 19:28…

God is always right on schedule.

Sometimes in our lives we attempt to run ahead of God, or lag behind – but in the end we always find out we cannot do either – and the reason is because God is ALWAYS right on time.

Imagine if you could control time the way God controls time. There would never be anything outside or apart from that schedule, because you would always be in complete and total control of all things taking place in that schedule.

The God we serve is a God of order and design and intent, and so His schedule is always in place, and it is always right on time. To even imagine anything contrary to this is illogical and ultimately harmful to your existence.

This is why Jesus wept so upon His approach to Jerusalem. Everything in His life was playing out exactly according to God’s schedule, and the people – think of it – God’s chosen people – were completely unaware of what was taking place in their midst because they were unaware of God’s schedule.

This would have a HUGE effect upon the future of the nation of Israel. It wasn’t as if God had not given them fair warning – or at least so much evidence of His coming to earth that He couldn’t be missed unless you were deliberately not paying attention. (But this should come as no surprise to us, as today people SHOULD know all about Jesus and the timing of His life on earth – and even those who spend a lifetime in His church have no clue about any of the prophetic events unfolding before their very lives.)

The result is tragedy of epic proportions. Who is this Man on the back of the donkey? Why is He riding a donkey? Why is this happening today? “Look, everyone is praising Him, I wonder why? Maybe we should join in?”

That’s the attitude that would result in death and destruction for the children of Israel. In 70AD, right on schedule, Roman General Titus would come and destroy Israel and Jerusalem, 1.5 million would die, and Israel would disappear off the map for 2000 years.

All because they did not know the time of their visitation from God. How about you?

-Pastor Bill