Luke 24:36…

Luke 24:36…

Now things get really exciting…

Upon returning to Jerusalem, Cleopas and the other disciple Jesus revealed Himself to on the Emmaus road, (and in their home,) find that amazing things have been happening back at Jerusalem as well!

Jesus is alive! He is risen!

What they hurried to report of their revelation at Emmaus the disciples had already experienced for themselves.

Jesus is indeed alive and has appeared to Peter!

And as they discussed these things excitedly among themselves, suddenly, amazingly, Jesus stood in their very midst – and all saw Him with their own eyes!

Jesus, noticing their trembling and fear of seeing all they were seeing, declared, “Peace to you.”

How interesting Jesus’ first message to His disciples perceiving eternal life for themselves is simply a pronouncement of, “Peace.”

Peace is the one thing all lack and all need. Peace of mind and heart is something only Jesus can provide. It has been lacking in mankind since the fall of Adam. You cannot find peace of mind and heart in any other place or resource apart from Jesus. He alone is the Prince of Peace.

And Jesus brings peace into every situation, no matter how troubling or how difficult. In His appearing, Jesus is eternal peace. In warfare, in sickness, and in health. In poverty, and in wealth.

Finally, and formally, peace with God is pronounced by the appearing of the risen Savior. Only a risen Savior can declare peace with God for mankind, because it was through His shed blood the way of peace was provided. And now, by His resurrection, God demonstrates the sacrifice of His Son – the Perfect One – has been accepted. Welcome home to the peace of eternal life found only in following Christ Jesus into it!


-Pastor Bill