Matthew 21:1…

Matthew 21:1… 

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go.

It has been the history of the world.

Just when you think a kingdom has the power and the means to remain forever, poof! It disappears from the face of the earth, and another seemingly insurmountable kingdom rises in its place.

The Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans all went the way of obsolescence, despair and total defeat. All were destroyed either by a power greater than themselves or by rot and decay from within.

But along comes One Who appears to be completely powerless, claiming to be the king of a kingdom without end, and kingdom which will endure forever and ever.

We sense the need for this in our day don’t we?

Here we are alive in the greatest of all the great powers to ever exist in the history of the world and on the face of the earth. The United States of America has more might and more economic wealth and more wherewithal than any power or superpower or any kingdom to ever exist.

And yet, here and now we have been brought to our knees by a microscopic enemy. Unseen, unknown, unheard, seemingly unstoppable.

The great problem is unless the land you live in is God’s kingdom, your land will perish.

It will happen, either by outside forces greater than yourself, or by internal forces which are unseen and yet bear even more destructive power than any weapon formed by man.

But where is God’s kingdom to be found?

Right here, right now, Jesus is saying, “The kingdom of heaven is near you!” He is saying, “Citizenship in God’s eternal kingdom is available to you.”

Best of all it is citizenship of sons and daughters of the King. While all other kingdoms have been comprised of strangers bound together by common purpose, the kingdom of heaven is comprised of God’s holy family. It is only exclusive in this way. You must make yourself a child of God to enter.

Today, as Jesus rides into Jerusalem as one of the most unlikely Kings ever, (at least in the eyes of religious leaders and secularists,) He is offering an invitation to everyone to come into His family, and to be welcomed into the only kingdom which will remain forever and ever and ever. 

Pastor Bill