Philippians 2:1… 

Philippians 2:1… 

Here in Philippians Chapter 2, we gain insight into the mind of Christ we see nowhere else in God’s Word.

We learn it was His humility which was the source of His greatness, and this is the pattern we are to follow after as disciples of Christ.

We’ve seen His humility demonstrated throughout the Gospels, but we read here the source of His humility was His own will to make Himself man, and to somehow, some way, set a limit in His power as God as He inhabited human form.

This obviously is a great mystery we will never fully understand while we inhabit this earth, but it is truth – and a vital truth we must at least begin to comprehend if we are to begin to understand the ministry of Jesus Christ and all He has done for us.

And this – rather than His great power He willingly set aside is our example. Humility in all its forms in every situation. To NOT consider it robbery to NOT employ all the power available to us in a given circumstance. That we willingly choose to allow others to employ their power over us.

This goes totally against human nature, and the “be ALL we can be” mantra. To choose to be less than we CAN be may seem backwards, but it is the way of Christ, and it is to be the way of the Christian. Jesus did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but instead made Himself of NO reputation – even though He was in the form of God. This would be stunning to read if it had not been so ably demonstrated by Christ as He walked the earth.

Simply put – and yet staggeringly difficult and perhaps impossible to fully understand – Jesus walked the earth as a man completely filled with the Holy Spirit. Nothing more, but nothing less. It has been explained He willingly put off the power of the Godhead when He inhabited the form of man, and it is evident this is so.

At every stage of life, He subjected Himself humbly to what men may do to Him. This began with His entry into the world – which could not have been under any lower circumstances. But to choose to enter into this world as a baby was but the first example of His self-humiliation in order to identify with all mankind. Here is God in flesh, making Himself totally dependent upon mom and dad for nurture and survival, as any man has been. A baby is totally defenseless. To think God made Himself into this form staggers the mind.

But His subjection to the undeserved sacrifice of the cross was His greatest humiliation of all, and it tells us all we need to know about how we are to lives our lives as followers of Jesus.

Pastor Bill