Philippians 2:12… 

Philippians 2:12… 

We have discovered our great potential in Christ, should we choose to allow it to be so.

The only hindrance, it seems, is our flesh and our own selfish desires to rule ourselves and make our own decisions in life.

Rest assured, Paul writes, we (born-again believers,) have the mind of Christ, from the very first moment we were born again.

Since this is the case, what will our lives look like?

Doesn’t it stand to reason our lives will resemble the life of Christ – unless our flesh continues to limit the mind of Christ in the things He desires to accomplish in our lives?

What then, do we see in Christ as our great example?

Humility personified. Obedience to God in all things.

Christ made Himself less than He was capable of being, (and of NO reputation,) for the express purpose of leading all men into the kingdom of heaven. His example in His total obedience to the degrading, shameful, excruciating death upon the cross becomes our manner of life, as it was His.

Paul fondly recounts their obedience to the Word he preached those in the church at Philippi, both while he was with them and even more for their continuing obedience to the Word in his absence. (The true test.)

And his encouragement is they continue. He speaks of the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a child of God as if it were a mining operation. (The mine has plenty of gold in it, but you must continue to seek it out and bring it out to the fullness of the reward God intends for your life.) We don’t work for our salvation – Christ alone has accomplished that – but the richness and fullness of it are those things we work out by putting the flesh to death on a continuing basis as Christ did.

This requires NO effort on our part, because just as Christ did all the work to save us, He also does all the work to accomplish both His will and His way in our lives. All we have to is allow it to be by getting out of His way, His truth, and His life.

Pastor Bill