Psalm 2:1…

Psalm 2:1… 

Was Jesus truly the Son of God?

A strange doctrine has crept into modern Judaism. We heard it again from our Jewish guide on our recent trip to Israel. This view is that Messiah, (Whom they believe has not yet come,) will be a conqueror – a savior, if you will, of the Jews, a powerful person of great distinction – but a mere man none the less.

This ‘modern’ view is in part similar with the theology held in Jesus’ time about Messiah, (yet to come.) Their belief was Messiah would be the conquering King revealed in Isaiah 66, among other places.

This Messiah, they believed, would come and set up a kingdom on earth and rule with a rod of iron, (as we read here in Psalm 2.)

But they also believed this coming Messiah would be the Son of God. (See Mark 14:61.)

Obviously, the Jewish people as a whole did not recognize their own Messiah in Jesus, even though He was in complete accordance with their own scripture. As prophecy had declared, this brought about a great destruction and diaspora of the Jewish people – which Jesus mourned in advance. Jesus declared the soon-coming destruction of Jerusalem, and the scattering and suffering of the Jews which goes on to this very day.

But, when and where did this modern Jewish doctrine of Messiah being a mere man, (though a great one,) arise?

While we cannot answer when they went wrong about this, we can answer why. It’s the same reason they missed their own Messiah in the first place: they departed from the fullness of what the Word of God declared, and they began to place their faith in what men said about scripture rather than scripture itself.

We open the Scripture every time we meet so you can see what God’s Word declares for yourself. While it is very helpful and needful to have teachers of God’s Word to help with understanding and applying God’s Word, it is most important to know what the Word of God itself declares for yourself, and to let the Word of God speak for itself in context, and in fullness.

To depart from the plain teaching of ALL God’s Word declares by even the slightest degree is to invite confusion and destruction, and give rise to strange doctrines of men which declare the Son of God has not yet come – and that He will be a mere man when He does.

Pastor Bill