Revelation 12:1…

Revelation 12:1… 

When we think about the Christmas story, we immediately think of family gathered together in a very homey setting, nostalgic songs playing in the background, scent of evergreen in the air, packages to be wrapped and unwrapped, and the whole nine yards we are all so intimately familiar with.

Then as believers in Jesus Christ, our minds go back to Bethlehem, and the travail of Joseph and Mary, and their time in the stable, and all that meant to the coming of Messiah, and how it so completely fulfilled all the prophecies of His birth, in time, in location, and in its lowly estate.

We read once again the story of the birth of Christ from Luke 2, and we consider the shepherds watching their flocks by night, and the visitation of the angels, and what that must have been like. And then to go and find all they had been told must have been as glorious as the host of heaven singing praises to the newborn King.

In Revelation 12 we gain a different perspective. If you’ve ever wondered what these events must have been like from heaven’s vantage, we gain that here in the first five verses.

While we have always considered the poverty in and around the birth of Christ, and how no one is beneath the indignity of His birth, we have here a revelation of the great warfare that was taking place from the initial announcement of God’s plan for the redemption of the world in Satan’s hearing.

From the time of the fall of man and the curse, Satan has been warring against the plans of God to fulfill His promise to mankind to bring forth a Savior – born of a woman’s seed.

Satan immediately went to work seeking to destroy that bloodline – and so he sought to wipe out the Jews, over and over and over again. (This in itself explains the constant stain of antisemitism which has seemingly always been present in the world – sometimes in the most inexplicable ways, but always evil in intent and cruel beyond reason.)

The virulence of antisemitism and its spread is a constant reminder of spiritual warfare in the world, especially for those who deny any such thing exists.

But on the other side of the coin is God’s preservation of the Jewish people, which is magnificent. If antisemitism is inexplicable – even more so is God’s preservation of His chosen people.

All for the sake of Christ, and the salvation of the world. All the players are seen here from a heavenly perspective, and it is a great revelation of God’s love for the world.

Pastor Bill