Romans 10:1…

Romans 10:1… 

There is now no difference between Jew and Gentile. The old divisions have been completely broken down.

There is an advantage to having a Jewish upbringing if it is applied properly. Unfortunately, what we find most often is the very upbringing intended to be an advantage becomes disadvantageous because of the tradition and ritual established from the Word of God, and/or a departure from it in favor of rabbinical commentaries.

Those who should have known better find themselves passed by by those who didn’t know anything. (The Gentiles.)

Since every person is saved by God in the exact same way – apart from any form of religious practice – the religious practice of the Jews has become a hindrance because they cannot bring themselves to stop. It has become so ingrained in their culture then as now they have a difficult time prying their flesh away from the sort of deep feelings religious practice is designed to produce. Couple this with concern over all those loved ones who have preceded them in death seemingly apart from the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ – and you have the makings of exactly what we see – which is the majority of those Jews who hear the gospel of Jesus Christ rejecting it. They cannot allow themselves to place their faith in Christ because it would mean the end of everything they have known and also the rejection from their culture and from their families and friends and business relationships and virtually everything they have ever known.

To accept Christ for the Jews means to be cast adrift into the unknown…

But there is no alternative. Only Christ has the words of eternal life, and they are found in His Gospel and nowhere else. While ALL the religious world is attempting to earn the favor of gods of their own making, only Christ comes to save by the mercy of His sacrifice, and by the grace of His salvation freely given to anyone who chooses to place their faith in Him.

Now the same thing is also true for those who have been born into religious systems and denominations claiming to be ‘Christian’ while practicing the keeping of sacraments and performing good works in order to have the possibility of gaining entry to heaven. They invent, (completely apart from God’s Word,) a holding place for those deemed by God ‘not quite good enough for entry into heaven – but not evil enough to be cast into hell;’ a purgatory where the sins of the flesh are purged away over time served. These concepts are horrific because they are complete fabrications of men, and they serve as hindrances to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those caught up in these religious fabrications which have only the weight of centuries of practice to speak for them. The Bible certainly does not.

How will they know unless someone tells them the truth?

Pastor Bill