Romans 11:1… 

Romans 11:1… 

It is interesting to think part of God’s plan for your life is to make those who know you jealous of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

He desires to provoke those who know you to desire what you have in your life that they know they are missing.

Can this be said about you? Is this how you would describe your personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Of course, this applies to The Church as well. The Church is intended by God to be the very corporate instrument by which He finally draws Israel to Himself, by provoking those who have a sense of missing God in their lives through what they see going on in The Church.

Can this be said of The Church?

Romans 11 is as much about introspection as it is about inspiration. While Paul is informing us of God’s divine plan to rescue “all Israel,” he is also informing us of the personal responsibility we bear in that cause.

Do you care for Israel as God cares for Israel? Does your relationship with God look anything like the relationship with God others would desire to have if only they could? Does the church you attend have a concern for the lost indicated by the teaching of God’s plan of salvation and all of God’s Word revealing God’s desire for personal relationship with man which can never be had by works? Do you make yourself a vital and active part of the church you attend, serving and supporting the ministry of the church?

If the answer is “Yes,” well-done good and faithful servant.

If the answer is “No,” what makes you believe you will not also be broken away from the ‘tree’ of faith as the Jews were?

If you are a ‘branch’ obtaining little or no sustenance from the ‘trunk,’ and producing no ‘fruit,’ you may find yourself broken off as well – and you certainly have no room to boast against those Jews who in similar fashion trivialized their national and personal relationship with God.

Those who find themselves with little to celebrate in their relationship with God now may find themselves with nothing to celebrate in the end…

But God desires to demonstrate His mercy on all those who will choose Him and love Him. As God’s unrequited love for Israel demonstrates, it is never too late until it is.

Pastor Bill