Romans 12:3…

Romans 12:3… 

Having described what is to be allowed to take place in the life of every believer pertaining to what will be both strength-providing and life-giving in Jesus’ Church, Paul moves on to begin discussing some individual attributes which each believer will possess as a gift of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Body of Christ.

These gifts are both undeniable and indispensable.

In a very illustrative way, Paul compares the Church of Jesus Christ to the human body. He does this so there will be no opportunity for misunderstanding how meaningful what he is talking about really is to the survival of The Church.

Also, because The Church DOES bear such a striking resemblance to a human body.

The Church has a Head, Who is Jesus Christ, and The Church has a body, who are the true believers in Christ for salvation. (All those who are born again.)

Just as our human body is dependent upon our head for everything – and cannot exist apart from the head, (decapitation is instant death,) so The Church is totally dependent upon Jesus Christ in everything.

And yet, just as the human body is interdependent upon its individual parts for the fruitfulness of its survival, so The Church is also interdependent upon its individual members if it is to accomplish anything.

And The Church has MUCH to accomplish.

(All of this discussion eliminates any view of The Church as a building, location, or physical entity. The Church is a body of born-again believers totally dependent upon Jesus Christ for survival and direction and power and one another to accomplish the direction and power of Jesus Christ.)

That God would order each part differently in function and ability should be no surprise given this motif. Paul here begins to lay out the different gifts the Holy Spirit has freely provided so each member not only has purpose but value – and no member is to be valued less than another in their purpose.

The direction here is not only to acknowledge your Spiritual gift but to put it to use in the Body of Christ. Anyone not employing their gift for the edification of the Body is weakening the Body to whatever extent the Body is missing that gift. Each member’s gift is critically important to the health of The Church, and to its mission in the world. Employ your gift!

Pastor Bill