Romans 12:9…

Romans 12:9… 

What follows are some are the greatest exhortations about human conduct ever known to man.

If you have ever doubted the veracity of God’s Word, consider the simplicity and sincerity of the life choices Paul delineates through the remainder of Romans 12.

Where else can we find such simple yet powerful life instruction which we know to be true about ourselves and our own contentment – even before we put them into practice? It is the inherent truth of God’s Word which resonates so deeply within the human soul, and we just know it is so.

If only people in general would follow this simple list of instructions for life. If only those in the Church of Jesus Christ would do so…

The only problem presented by these admonitions is by their sheer beauty and poetry they can tend pass over our heads as glorious platitudes rather than as commandments of God for His Church.

You see, God desires His Church to stand supernaturally apart from this world. We know the world would also agree with these instructions, but they cannot do them because they are not empowered by the Holy Spirit. When and if The Church does accomplish them by the power of the Holy Spirit, it presents a very powerful lifestyle witness to the world which smooths the path into the heart for Jesus Christ to pass over.

It is the lifestyle of the Christian which is intended to be the Spirit-filled version of the ministry performed by John the Baptist…to bring down the high places and bring up the low places and make straight the way of the Lord Jesus Christ into the human heart.

But further, we also think of the impact within the doors of The Church should this list of simple instructions be followed. How pleasant life would be within The Church if all, most, or even many would do what Paul instructs here for the conduct proper within The Church. Church life would be grand and glorious, and without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

There would be no backbiting or divisiveness, and there would be great sympathy and compassion for all. There would be great sharing of celebration, and great sharing of grief. There would be forgiveness of sin, and loving response even to persecution. Even when evil presents itself, it would be overcome by loving response.

Oh, how glorious life in The Church of Jesus Christ is intended to be. It would be as if The Church was literally Jesus’ Body, responding exactly as His Body would respond in every circumstance.

Pastor Bill