Romans 13:1… 

Romans 13:1… 

The reality of The Church is it is not intended to be an enclave isolated from the world physically, politically or socially.

The Church is to be placed as prominently in the city square as Jesus was.

The actions and design of The Church are to be as noticeably different and confounding to the condition of society as Jesus was.

What actions of The Church may be confounding to the world it places itself in?

Given the Spiritual nature of The Body of Christ, it might be assumed the Body of Christ would immediately reject any form of government which may place itself above The Church physically.

But here we learn this is not the case – and is never to be the case. The Church must recognize what the world never does: God is in control of all things. (Even who is in charge of whatever government exists at any time in history.)

The Church ultimately proves its strength in the Lord by its submission to the world’s governments, not it by its subversion of them.

Governments are to be transformed the same way lives are; one person at a time. Jesus never led a revolution politically. His revolution was always individually, one heart at a time. Jesus brought conviction to Pilate even as He was condemned by Pilate. His speech to Pilate was not political, but personal – that Pilate may have the opportunity to examine his heart.

This is not to say The Church is to have no involvement in politics, but to say The Church is to submit itself to the laws of the land, pay its taxes, and keep its nose clean, knowing the government has been ordered by God, our God is a God of order, and that the government in place is the government the people deserve according to the condition of the hearts and minds of the people at any given time.

Laws can never change the hearts of the people, and laws cannot save them. Only Christ can perform that work. When Jesus changes the hearts of those in government, the government is transformed from the inside out. There is no hope of changing government apart from the hearts of the men and women governing being changed by Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bill