Romans 5:1… 

Romans 5:1… 

Now that Paul has established from scripture salvation is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ, he begins to explain the great benefit to the believer in this life – and also how this works theologically-speaking.

He is – as he does throughout the Book of Romans – anticipating the questions which may arise in the mind and heart of the reader – and answering those questions. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, which produces the very benefit he speaks of first, which is peace with God.

Peace with God is a great benefit only those who place their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ attain. It is a benefit bestowed which is realized rather than anticipated. I would suggest not many – if any – come to Christ seeking peace with God, but once they have they find they do.

When God’s Spirit is permitted entry into any human heart, He takes up residence and provides a completely fulfilling satisfaction in this life which assures the believer a Spiritual transformation has taken place. (This had never been accomplished before no matter how hard we worked to attain it.) We learn peace with God is an automatic gift of God for those who choose to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we learn it by experiencing it. Paul points this out so we can observe it in ourselves first, and then in others.

This peace with God brings assurance of eternal life in heaven, and empowers our hope to endure no matter the trying circumstances we find ourselves enveloped in. In fact, Christians will find themselves rejoicing in trials because of what they produce in them. Never before has there been this kind of joy in the midst of persevering through any and every trial which the Christian experiences. Peace with God is powerful, and it never disappoints.

But how can all men be saved by the death of one man? This is a great question, and it has a comprehensive answer provided by the Holy Spirit which is settled by the peace it provides.

The answer lies in understanding federalism, which Paul presents for the first time in God’s Word. It is an explanation of the nuts and bolts of how this works theologically-speaking. Just as Adam was the federal head of every man prior to Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus MAY BE the federal head of every man after Christ Jesus.

Just as the fall in Adam’s nature produced death in every descendant of Adam, so the perfection found in Christ produces eternal life in every man who chooses to be born into Christ’s life.

We had no choice in the life we were physically born into, but God allows us to choose for ourselves the Spiritual life we desire, and every man does. Your eternal destiny is determined by the decision you make about the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you be born into His life?

Pastor Bill