Romans 6:1…

Romans 6:1… 

Paul is a master of anticipating the questions which arise in the minds and hearts of those who read his letters.

In his masterful presentation of the grace of God being super-abundant in dealing with all the sin of mankind, taking it away, and justifying in a legal sense every man who will come to Himself for salvation – Paul rightly expects the mind of man to contrive the following possible scenario: If the grace of God IS so well-displayed by His forgiving ALL of our sin – past, present, and future – shouldn’t we continue in sin so God’s grace can be even more-greatly displayed for all to see?

Surely, we may think, no truly born-again Christian would contrive such a construct. But here we see an indication Paul’s letter to the Roman Church was also written for an audience who does not yet know Christ – as well as for believers who may have come to Christ simply for ‘fire insurance.’

We are challenged to think about what our salvation really means: It means we have died to our former selves. We are dead to those things which used to motivate our lusts, and now given over to life IN CHRIST. Life in Christ means a life resembling Christ’s life, empowered by Christ’s life.

Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection is meant to so-deeply impact those who come to Christ they will be forever willingly changed by the experience.

To be presented the opportunity to be born again is the greatest gift ever provided mankind. To continue as you were prior to being born again means the Holy Spirit of God – the same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead – the same Spirit which motivated Christ, has not been made alive in you. This is something you SHOULD take account of, because your eternal security is not built on the words of a prayer, but in learning of and understanding the absolute necessity of death to self as being the offering we make in our approach to God.

As Christ offered Himself in willing sinless sacrifice for us, we must likewise offer ourselves as willing living sacrifices to God in Christ, that we determine (reckon) ourselves to be dead to our former selves by the decision we make to be made alive in Christ Jesus.

Indeed, Jesus said in seeking to save your life you will lose it. Only in losing your life will you find it.

To continue in a life of sin – as a means of somehow displaying the grace of God – is an absurdity to life in Christ and should not even need to be discussed among those who have been baptized into His life. The life of Christ will NOT motivate a life in sin. Who, therefore, would?

Pastor Bill